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    Mark D. Losego

    Mark D. Losego is an assistant professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research focuses on advancing the state-of-the-art in vapor phase processing with an emphasis on creating unique organic-inorganic hybrid materials for functional applications. Prof. Losego's research has impacted a broad range of fields from nanoscale thermal transport to thin film dielectrics to molecular photoelectrochemical systems.

    Prof. Losego received his B.S. degree from Penn State University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from NC State University. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgia Tech, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Illinois and research faculty at NC State.

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    Patricia L Mokhtarian

    Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology (formerly at the University of California, Davis). Specializing in travel behavior, including the impacts of information and communications technology on travel, impacts of the built environment on travel, attitudes toward travel itself, and activities conducted while traveling. Applying psychometric and econometric methods to measure and model attitudes, lifestyle, personality, socioeconomic traits, and behavior. Teaching undergraduate probability and statistics, and graduate classes in transportation survey methods and discrete choice modeling. PhD in Industrial Engineering/Management Science from Northwestern University.

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    Jennifer Glass

    Research in the Glass Lab revolves around interactions between metals and microbes involved in global biogeochemical cycles. Particular focus is placed on abiotic and biotic couplings in greenhouse gas cycling, with an emphasis on methane and nitrous oxide. Methods integrate omics and geochemical approaches.

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    Nicolas Robinson-Garcia

    PhD (International Doctorate) in Social Sciences. I am a social scientist and bibliometrics specialist

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    Dhanya Thamaraparambil Jayaram

    I am Dhanya Thamaraparambil Jayaram, working as a post-doctoral fellow in Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta since January 2016. I have awarded my Ph.D degree in 2015 at Photosciences and Photonics Section, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Govt. of India, Trivandrum. My current research focuses on how nanoparticles interact with cells in a physiological environment and the study of nanomaterial properties that lead to biocompatible and biohazardous interactions. In addition one of my other project involves the integration of electrically conducting nanowire into cells for electrical stimulation purposes. During my PhD, I have gained a strong background in the synthesis and characterization of various fluorescent organic molecules, NIR dyes and nano-bio conjugates. I have a good experience in the photophysical, photobiological, self-assembly and sensing applications of the small molecules and nano-bio conjugates. I am well trained in using various microscopic and spectroscopic techniques and familiar with various steady-state and time resolved photochemical techniques. I have got enough experience in doing the biological studies involving cell culture, in vitro cytotoxic experiments, photodynamic therapy, fluorescence imaging, FACS, western blot, PCR from Instituto de Quimica Avanzada de Cataluna, Spain during my stay there as part of Indo-Spain Collaborative work and also through my postdoctoral experience in Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. The interested research fields for the reviews of articles are biological applications of nanopartcles and organic molecules, self-assembled functional materials for different applications as well as biomolecular recognition properties of novel organic molecules.

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    Jenny L. McGuire

    The McGuire Lab is interested in spatial questions about the ecological and evolutionary implications of climate change. We use modern data as well as the rich paleontological record of the last several million years to address those questions. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you think that you might be interested in joining the lab.

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    Matthew Herron

    I am a Senior Research Scientist in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech. My current research focuses on questions related to the evolution of multicellularity.