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  • Reviewer

    Ruslan Kalendar

    Research interests: general evolution, Goethe's science, genetics, RNA world, biology of retrotransposons, their role in shaping the genome, and their applications as markers for biodiversity and breeding, synthetic biology, bioinformatics (string searching and complexity analysis, search of repeats, DNA alignment and assembly, PCR primer design) and mathematics (Projective Geometry).

  • Reviewer

    Juha Merilä

    An evolutionary biologists interested on interplay between genetics, selection and environmental variation from level of genes and individuals to populations and species. Particularly intrigued by relative roles of selection, drift and environmental variation contributing to population differentiation. Fond of natural history and biogeography, especially those of vertebrates.

    My review profile is more or less complete from early 2015 onwards (review record before that fragmented and incomplete).

  • Reviewer

    Phillip Gienapp

    I am an evolutionary ecologist / geneticist with a strong interest in adaptation to environmental change and evolution in wild populations in general.

  • Reviewer

    Celine Teplitsky

    My research interests include mechanisms that promote phenotypic variation as well as potential for and constraints on adaptation, framing those questions at the edge between evolutionary and conservation biology.

    I work mostly on birds, but sometimes stray out to collaborate on Drosophila.

  • Reviewer

    Miikka Korja

    Associate Professor in Neurosurgery, University of Helsinki, Finland. Cerebrovascular consultant (MD, PhD) in one of the largest Western neurosurgical units, Helsinki University Central Hospital (Finland). Formal research education e.g. in Turku Graduate School of Health Sciences and Turku Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. History in basic (medical biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics) and clinical (from cross-over drug studies to population-based epidemiological studies) research. Own research focuses upon several aspects of neurosurgery including subarachnoid haemorrhage risk factors, subarachnoid haemorrhage outcome factors, risks of surgery for brain arteriovenous malformations, intracranial bypass surgeries, molecular biology of intracranial tumours, as well as patient safety and quality of care in cranial neurosurgery. Advocating for transparency in medical research and clinical medicine.

  • Reviewer

    Afonso Miguel Neves Cavaco

    Associate professor in social pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon, Portugal. Social pharmacy and pharmacy practice academic researcher. Special interest in health communication teaching and research.

  • Reviewer

    Mikko Mattila

    Political Science / University of Helsinki