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  • Reviewer

    Anthony Michael Carter

    Emeritus Reader, Cardiovascular and Renal Research, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark

  • Reviewer

    Frank Balzer

    Interested in curiosity driven research on organic nanoaggregates (fibers, clusters) and epitaxial thin films: morphology, wetting, surface potential, birefringence, dichroism, polarized fluorescence emission, and aging in gaseous and liquid environments.

  • Reviewer

    Lars Henrik Jensen

    Clinical Oncology (Radiation and Medical) - Colorectal Cancer - Biliary Tract Cancer - Anal Cancer - Clinical Trials - Translational Research - Palliative Care - Clinical Benefit - Value in Cancer Care -

  • Reviewer

    Hans Ulrik Riisgård

    My research deals with a number of related topics: bioenergetics and energy budgets, functional response, filter-pumps and energetic cost of filter-feeding, adaptation to environment, water pumping and particle retention efficiency, particle capture mechanisms, switching between deposit and filter-feeding, grazing impact of benthic filter-feeders, and predation impact of jellyfish.

  • Reviewer

    Aleksander Krag

    Professor of Hepatology

  • Reviewer

    Rhonda Lynne Wilson

    Registered Nurse Mental Health Nurse - clinician, researcher, teacher.

    Specialist research & clinical areas include: emergent mental health problems of young rural people; drug & alcohol misuse; social media for health professionals; and e-mental health.

    Follow on Twitter @RhondaWilsonMHN #RuralMH #MentalHealth #Nurses #mentalhealth

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