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    Diego F. Aranha

    A paranoid lost in a world of code and numbers. Interested in efficient algorithms and software implementations for Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Pairing-Based Cryptography.

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    Morten Hesse

    Morten Hesse is associate professor at the Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research at Aarhus University. His main research interests include substance use disorders, mental health, criminal behavior and general health.

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    Per Kryger

    Honey bee biology is the focus of my research. Using methods of population genetics to help conserving honey bee diversity. Working with quantitative PCR to determine viral titres in honey bee colonies, in relation to varroa mite infections and resistance. Studying the behaviour of honey bees in relation to disease tolerance and spread of infectious diseases. Pollination of important cultivars and the availability of food resources for honey bee colonies.