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  • Reviewer

    Jan Vávra

    Environmental sociologist focusing on various aspects of human-environment relationship, including food self-provisioning, social perception of soil erosion and floods, household energy demand and carbon footprint and sustainable development in general.

  • Reviewer

    Bruno M. Carreira

    The influence of temperature on nutrient acquisition by organisms is growing in relevance under the current climatic changes.

    I investigate how temperature modulates the nutrient acquisition and the feeding preferences of omnivorous ectotherms, framing the issue on two global change drivers - Climate Change and Invasive Alien Species.

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  • Reviewer

    Jatishwor Singh Irungbam

    A researcher working on the Lepidoptera fauna of North east India and Bhutan. Presently working at Institute of Entomology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

  • Reviewer

    Oldřich Nedvěd

    Entomologist; geocasher; rock climber

  • Reviewer

    Jan Kubecka

    Fish biologist, hydrobiologist

  • Reviewer

    Nichola S Plowman

    I am an ecologist interested in conservation, community and behavioural ecology, especially of insects and other invertebrates. My PhD research focuses on the community ecology of arboreal ants in Papua New Guinea. I investigate how community dynamics of this region’s little known arboreal ant fauna change along altitudinal and successional gradients. I look indepth at ant-plant mutualisms, the functional traits and the natural history of ants to answer questions about their role in tropical rainforests and how the effects of human disturbance may alter this.