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  • Reviewer

    Sergio Uribe

    Associate Professor, School of Dentistry, Universidad Austral de Chile.

    PhD, MSc, DDS.

    Oral Radiology, Dental Caries, Evidence-Based Dentistry, Dental Public Health, Oral Epidemiology, Data Science, R


  • Reviewer

    Mauricio Barria

    R. Mauricio Barría, DrPH, is a Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad Austral de Chile. He was trained as an epidemiologist and received his MSc in Clinical Epidemiology from Universidad de la Frontera in Temuco, Chile, and his DrPH from Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile. His research interests lie in the areas of Maternal-Child Health, Neonatal Care and Environmental Health. He is skilled in epidemiological studies designs with special interest in cohort studies and clinical trials.

  • Reviewer

    Aravena Pedro

    Assistant Professor Institute of Anatomy, Histology and Pathology and Dental School Universidad Austral de Chile

    DDS, PhD

  • Reviewer

    Claudio A. Mendez

    Claudio A. Méndez holds the position of associate professor of health policy at the Instituto de Salud Pública from the Universidad Austral de Chile. His work has been focused on health policy and systems research. Currently, he is conducting qualitative research on governance and health decision-making in Chile. He is also associated researcher of global health systems for the Programa de Salud Global from the Escuela de Salud Pública at the Universidad de Chile.

  • Reviewer

    Horacio Samaniego

    I am interested in applied research in urban dynamics and ecological sustainability. Particularly in bridging the gap between science, policy and practice in a social, ecological, and economic context for the protection of our environment and human well-being. I believe in understanding the ecology of socio-technological system as complex systems.