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The University of Saskatchewan is a Canadian public research university, founded in 1907, and located on the east side of the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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  • Reviewer

    Tim Dumonceaux

    I am a Research Scientist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I also hold an Adjunct appointment at the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology. I am a microbiologist with research interests in molecular diagnostics, microbial communities, and biofuels.

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    Adam Crane

    I am a Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biology. I have broad research interests in animal behaviour and conservation, with my work focusing on predator/prey interactions and cognition.

  • Reviewer

    Hamid Khazaei

    I earned my Doctor of Science (DSc) at the University of Helsinki, Finland in Crop Science (Crop Breeding and Genetics) and received my postdoctoral training in faba bean and lentil breeding from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been working on wheat, safflower, and alfalfa. My research interests are crop breeding and genetics (lab and field-based research), plant genetic resources, molecular breeding, sustainable agriculture, cropping systems, crop physiology, biotic and abiotic stresses, climate change, and legumes.

  • Reviewer

    Janet E. Hill

    My research group is interested in microbial ecology and in diagnostic methods for detecting specific organisms in complex backgrounds. We work with equal enthusiasm on developing molecular diagnostic methods for application in the clinical microbiology laboratory and in studying the structure and function of complex microbial communities, particularly those associated with humans and animals. We also curate cpnDB, a public database of chaperonin sequences, which are exploited as sequence barcodes for detection, identification and quantification of microbes in isolation or in microbiomes.

  • Reviewer

    Joyce M. McBeth

    I am a geomicrobiologist, I used molecular biology methods, geochemistry, mineralogy, and synchrotron tools to characterize microbial influences on low temperature terrestrial and marine systems. My interests include cycling of toxic elements in the environment, particularly metals, and microbial communities in corrosion biofilms. I am also actively involved in partnerships exploring how synchrotron sciences can compliment palaeontology and archaealogical research.

  • Reviewer

    Henry Chau

    Lecturer in Environmental Physics