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The Université de Montréal (UdeM) is a public research university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The francophone institution comprises thirteen faculties, more than sixty departments and two affiliated schools: the École Polytechnique (School of Engineering) and HEC Montréal (School of Business). It offers more than 650 undergraduate programmes and graduate programmes, including 71 doctoral programmes.

Reviewers: 207

6th in Canada

Reviews: 2,096

9th in Canada

Merit: 6,240

9th in Canada

Openness: 1.3%

25th in Canada

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  • Reviewer

    Ruth Dassonneville

    Ruth Dassonneville is an Assistant Professor at the Département de science politique of the Université de Montréal, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Electoral Democracy.

    Her research interests include electoral behaviour, dealignment, electoral volatility, economic voting and political parties.

    Ruth Dassonneville is a member of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship and of the Montreal Centre for International Studies (CERIUM).


  • Reviewer

    Sebastien Renaut

    My work focuses on understanding the genetic changes responsible for the evolution of new species. I have a lot of experience analyzing population genetics, next generation sequencing and gene expression data in plants and fish species.

    I have a good knowledge of the R programming language and the Unix shell, and have interests in data sharing and reproducibility in science.

  • Reviewer

    Philippe Campeau

    Medical geneticist working on skeletal dysplasias, epileptic disorders, and chromatin remodeling disorders

  • Reviewer

    Pierre Bellec

    I am a principal investigator at the Unité de neuroimagerie fonctionnelle, Centre de recherche de l'institut de gériatrie de Montréal and a “professeur adjoint sous octroi” (adjunct research professor) with the computer science and operations research department (DIRO) at Université de Montréal, Canada. I am developing data-driven tools to study functional brain networks in functional resonance magnetic imaging (fMRI) and I use these tools to explore the processes of brain reorganization in healthy aging and neurodegenerative diseases. I am the co-leader for imaging of the “biomarkers team”, in the newly created Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging, and also a “chercheur boursier Junior 1” from the ”Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé” (FRQS).

  • Reviewer

    Thierry Maris

    PhD (University of Bordeaux I, 1994-1997) Post. Doc. Pos. Chemical Engineering (Univ. Amsterdam, 1997) Marie-Curie Fellowship (Oxford University, 1998-2000)