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    Andrew V. Z. Brower

    butterfly systematist with an interest in theory of systematic biology.

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    Kennet E Flores

    I am a geologist specializing in plate tectonics and geodynamics of subduction zones. I study ophiolites, accreted oceanic crust and high pressure / low temperature (HP/LT) mélanges and belts, in order to understand the evolution of convergent margins focused on collisions, obduction and exhumation events. I am a self-proclaimed field regional geologist who applies various techniques, including structural geology, geochemistry, metamorphic petrology, geochronology and sedimentology, to develop geodynamic scenarios and plate tectonic models for fossil convergent margins. Most of my field research has been focused on Central American accretionary prisms; obducted, accreted and/or collided ocean floor; ultramafic bodies; and HP/LT mélanges and belts. Most of my research has been focused on Guatemala and Nicaragua but I had also led research and fieldtrips in the Alps, Greece, California, Burma, Indonesia, Ecuador and the Caribbean region. My other foci are the evolution and modeling of the plate tectonics of the Pacific Ocean including the Circum-Pacific convergent margins and the exhumation tectonics of HP/LT mélanges and belts around the world.

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    I am an ornithologist and evolutionary biologist with practical and theoretical experience ranging from museum-based studies and fieldworks to molecular-based laboratory and analytical techniques. Much of my recent research involves using DNA sequences to reconstruct phylogeographic hypotheses of vertebrate species, particularly bird species. I am becoming increasingly interested in evaluating how past responses to climate changes may affect history of vertebrate species, and how this knowledge can be used for conservation.