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Universidade Católica Portuguesa is a research and teaching university, strongly committed to community development and knowledge transfer. It is a public, non-State funded university and a full-member of the Portuguese Rector's Council. UCP promotes a humanist knowledge model in the Christian tradition across several areas, ranging from the life sciences and biotechnology to the humanities, law, the social sciences and business and economics. Universidade Católica Portuguesa boasts among its alumni a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, several of the top CEO's in the world, and recognized leaders in politics, law, economics and the arts. It is the founding institution of the University of Saint Joseph in Macao and it was involved in setting up the Catholic University of Angola. Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) has as its main mission to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in its manifold dimensions (intellectual, cultural, artistic, moral and spiritual) through a holistic approach committed to Christian values. It aims to promote research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences as well as in technology and life sciences, while fostering an interdisciplinary dialogue aiming to better understand the complex challenges of the knowledge society. UCP works to promote excellent science, to strengthen community development and boost the quality of higher education in Portugal while strongly engaged in the global education dialogue. Strongly committed to work with and for society at large, UCP is a university open to the world, laboring to enrich the dialogue across disciplines, cultures and individuals.

225 researchers

13th in Portugal

1,170 reviews

20th in Portugal

187 reviews last year

32nd in Portugal

2,300 publications

21st in Portugal

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