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NIBIO is to contribute to food security and safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production within food, forestry and other biobased industries.

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  • Reviewer

    Paal Krokene

    Research interests: Conifer defence against insects and fungi. Interactions between bark beetles, bluestain fungi, and conifer defense mechanisms. Induced resistance in Norway spruce (Picea abies) against bark beetles (Ips typographus) and bluestain fungi. Priming of conifer defences using e.g. methyl jasmonate. Effects of climate change on forest insects. Management of insect pests on spruce and pine.

  • Reviewer

    ari mikko hietala

    Special interests: Basic research on ecology, genetics and infection biology of fungi pathogenic to trees. Research & Development to facilitate economically sustainable forest management

  • Reviewer

    Håvard Steinshamn

    I am a grassland scientist with strong interest in forage production and ruminant nutrition, particularly in organic managed systems. Recent research focus has been on grassland management, the relationship between grassland management, forage quality and ruminant product quality, and ruminant animal health.

  • Reviewer

    Carl Gunnar Fossdal

    Molecular Biologist Dr. Scient (PhD) in Biotechnology 1999 from NLH (NMBU), Norway. Involved in research on plant pathogen interactions, Epigenetics, Transcriptomics, Genomics and Enzymes that break down plant cell walls.

  • Reviewer

    Andreas Treu

    Researcher at The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research