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The University of Sydney (commonly referred to as Sydney University, Sydney Uni, USYD, or Sydney) is an Australian public research university in Sydney. Founded in 1850, it is Australia's first university and is regarded as one of its most prestigious, ranked as the world's 27th most reputable university.

Reviewers: 634

4th in the world

Reviews: 9,220

3rd in the world

Merit: 27,685

3rd in the world

Openness: 2.3%

16th in Australia

Journal Editors at The University of Sydney

Reviewers from The University of Sydney

  • Reviewer

    Henry Woo

    MBBS (Syd) DMedSc (Syd) FRACS (Urol)

    Professor of Surgery and Discipline Head(Surgery), Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School, University of Sydney

    Professor of Robotic Cancer Surgery, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

  • Reviewer

    Dédée F Murrell

    Professor Murrell is Chair of the Department of Dermatology at St George Hospital, UNSW Australia in Sydney. Following medical sciences at Cambridge University and clinical medicine at Oxford University, with general medical training at Oxford, Cambridge and Duke Universities, she trained as a dermatologist in the United States in North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was on faculty at NYU and Rockefeller Universities in New York City prior to moving to Sydney. Her interests are in blistering diseases (autoimmune and genetic), outcome measures for skin diseases, novel therapeutics and evidence based medicine.

  • Reviewer

    Omid Kavehei

    Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, The University of Sydney, Australia.

  • Reviewer

    Nathaniel Marshall

    Associate Professor of Sleep Epidemiology and clinical trials at the Woolcock Institute for Medical Research and the Sydney Nursing School

  • Reviewer

    Justin Scanlan

    Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney. Specialist in occupational therapy, mental health and mental health services, employee wellbeing and burnout, and Rasch analysis.

  • Reviewer

    Amanda Salis

    NHMRC Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney's Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders.

  • Reviewer

    James M. Shine

    I am a post doc in Cognitive Neuroscience working with Russ Poldrack at Stanford University