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    Mahieddine BOUMENDJEL

    Dr. Mahieddine Boumendjel is a lecturer in Nature and Life Sciences, working in the field of biology, ecology, biodiversity, sustainable development and eco-tourism. He is lecturer of the universities and member of the Research Laboratory on Biochemistry and Environmental Toxicology (RLBET) at Badji Mokhtar University (Annaba, Algeria). He also has several diplomas of master degrees and professional certificates in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (Strasbourg, France), Quality management and Audit (Génigroup Québec, Canada), ecotouristic management and accompaniment (Jendouba, Tunisia). He worked during several years as SMQ auditor and as a pedagogical consultant/online tutor for various international agencies and universities: GTZ-GIZ (Germany), Halliburton (USA), University Paris V Cergy Pontoise (France), TECFA of Geneva (Swiss), University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg (France), University of Jendouba (Tunisia), ENS National university of Algiers (Algeria), University of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso-Faso). With twenty years of experience, he is author of several scientific and pedagogic publications on biology, ecology, eco-tourism and food technology. He presented conferences in several countries throughout the world (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, France, Great Britain, Germany, Turkey, and Italy).

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    Adel Gouri

    Adel Gouri has completed his Pharm.D and Clinical Biochemistry Specialization in 2008 from Badji-Mokhtar University, School of Medicine (Annaba, Algeria). He is currently working as Head of Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry in Ibn Zohr Public Hospital, Guelma. As associate lecturer in College of Medicine, Annaba. His research goals are : Cancer Biology and Research of new Biomarkers of cancers, Cardiovascular Biomarkers, Atherosclerosis and diabetes-related research, Biomarkers and Cardiovascular Diseases in Hemodialysis patients, Biomarkers in Early Diagnosis of Hematologic malignancies. Based on this research and training in cancer biology and cardiovascular biology he has received several awards and honors, and is serving one of the active members of the ; Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease EASD Study Group, European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), the Working Group on Myocardial Function, European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the Working Group on Atherosclerosis and Vascular Biology, European Society of Cardiology (ESC), the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). He is editor in chief of Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Research (ACLR, ISSN: 2386-5180, editor and reviewer in more than 10 international journals. He has authored more than 20 research articles, 01 books/chapters. He is also chairman of the International Board of Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Pathobiochemistry, and fellow of the World Academy of Medical Sciences (WAMS).

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    billel SMILI

    I am a Doctor of materials chemistry and physics at UBMA, Algeria. I also have strong links to the Institute of Chemistry, Physics and Materials (ICPM) of Metz (France) and the Institute for Complex Materials of Dresden (Germany). My research spans the areas of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and materials science and focuses on the development of new metallic glasses for industrial applications. I am mainly working on electronic transport properties (resistivity and thermopower) of solid alloys from an experimental and theoretical point of view. I have contributed to developed instrumentation in electronic transport properties for fundamental understanding of physics but also for applications. I am now mainly focused on the use of electronic transport: • As a method to check the state of matter (phase) and of its changes (phase changes). It is working as well as DSC for conducting materials but has the great advantage to measure very slow changes with time (ageing) and TTT diagrams. I applied this technique to characterize recrystallization of amorphous metallic alloys and further changes in the crystalline phase.

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    Halim Zeghdoudi

    Halim Zeghdoudi is a faculty at the Department of Mathematics at The university of Badji-Mokhtar, Annaba-Algeria. He received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics and the highest academic degree (HDR) specializing Probability and Statistics from Badji-Mokhtar University, Annaba-Algeria. He also did his Post Doc at Waterford Institute of Technology- Cork Rd, Waterford, Ireland. His research areas are in Actuarial Science, Particles Systems, Dynamics Systems, and Applied Statistics.

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    Lotfi Farah

    Farah Lotfi received the B.Eng. and D. degrees in Arabic hand written recognition from the University of Badji Mokhtar Annaba, Algeria, in 1995 and 2000, respectively. From 2000 to 2012, he was a Research Associate with the University of Cherif Messadia, Algeria. He is currently a Research with Badji Mokhtar University in Génie Electromécanique Laboratory, Annaba, Algeria. His current research interests include AI, Fuzzy System, Neural Network, Photovoltaic modelling and control, energy conversion and power electronics. He has authored and co-authored different seminar papers. Dr. Lotfi has Reviewed for international journals in his research field, AI such as Journal of Computer Science USA