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    Riccardo Scalenghe

    I received a degree in agricultural sciences in 1989. I earned a PhD in soil chemistry and lectured in soil science topics since 1997. I joined in 2000 the Università degli Studi in Palermo, Italy, where I m conducting researches mainly on the impact of humans on the soil environment.

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    Francesco Paolo Fiorentino

    My professional experiences focus on cancer-related cell biology and molecular biology, with emphasis on small cell lung cancer biology.

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    Giuseppe Sortino

    Giuseppe Sortino is a research fellow in fruit Postharvest physiology and technology, at the Department of Agricultural Food and Forest Sciences of the Università degli Studi di Palermo. Dr. Sortino has published over 65 scientific papers and technical articles and he reviewed journal's papers in the field of Crop Science, sensory evaluation, consumer acceptance, food quality evaluation and optimization. As a post-doc researcher, he worked on establishment, data collection and organization of several projects in the research area of pomology and post-harvest management. Dr. Sortino is also developing some researches on pre-harvest factors affecting postharvest life, quality (structure, composition, nutritional value, phytochemical profile) and non-destructive technology for the assessment of quality attributes in fresh fruit and fresh-cuts.

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    Antonio Lo Casto

    Main expertise in fan and cone beam CT, and MR. Fields of interest: Dental, Maxillofacial, and Head and Neck Radiology. Female pelvic disease. Radiobiology of NIR. Informatic applications in Radiology for image analysis and education.