Get recognition for your reviews for Wiley

Wiley has partnered with Publons to give you official recognition for your contribution to peer review. This partnership means you can opt-in to have your reviews for participating Wiley journals automatically added to your Publons profile.

156,306 Wiley reviewers have already added 820,270 of their reviews to Publons.

What is Publons?

Publons helps you to record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions for use in promotion applications. You get recognition even if your reviews are anonymous and the manuscript is never published.

Take a look at a Publons reviewer profile or browse our top reviewers if you want to learn more. If you'd like to get a head start on your reviewer profile, create an account now (it's free).

Publons gives recognition for peer review without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal policies. By default, the content of the review will not be publicly displayed, and only the year of the review and the journal title will be shown on reviewer profiles. You may edit what is displayed for any review or opt out of the service at any time.

Visit the journal pages linked below for details on journal policies or take a look at the Wiley page for more details.

Journals integrated with Publons

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When reviewing for an integrated journal:

  • You will be asked if you want to get recognition for it on Publons
  • Once your review is completed you will receive an email with a private link to claim your review
  • Follow the link to add your review to your reviewer profile