Sentinel /sentin(ə)l/ 
Noun: 'A soldier or guard whose job it is to stand and keep watch.

Expert peer reviewers are the Sentinels of Science. They protect the world from false findings that could set back advances in human knowledge by decades. When researchers are committed to peer review, we discover cures, develop innovative technologies and realise human potential faster. 

Publons launched the Sentinels of Science Awards to pay homage to the highest achievers in peer review each year. You can see all the recipients of the inaugural awards below.

Recipients 2016

Top overall contributors to peer review in science and research

Number of verified pre-publication reviews completed between 1 October 2015 and 17 September 2016


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Nobel laureates and top researchers honour the recipients 


Top 10% in each field

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Top reviewing countries and their top reviewers

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