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Publons global Peer Review Awards are back! For the third year running, our Awards celebrate reviewers as the #SentinelsofScience, tirelessly proving their unwavering commitment towards the quality and integrity of scholarly communication.

As an exciting update, we've added a new early-career researcher award to our 2018 list of accolades. See below for details and nominate who you think deserves this award for their exceptional contribution to peer review. We're also releasing the world's largest report on peer review, designed with the aim to shine a light on and improve the peer review landscape. Scroll down for more info and follow updates on our blog, in our newsletter, on Twitter, and by following the hashtag, #SentinelsofScience. 

Publons' Peer Review Awards

Publons Peer Review Awards celebrate the #SentinelsofScience, honoring the critical role of peer reviewers in ensuring the quality and integrity of published research. Our 2018 Award categories this year are:

Nominate an early-career researcher

Publons’ ECR Reviewer Choice Award celebrates early-career researchers' exceptional contribution to peer review. This peer-nominated and voted award recognises an individual who has been influential in the realm of peer review, or has significantly contributed to improving the system.

This is the first year we're running our early-career award and we need your help to determine our five nominees. Tell us: who deserves this peer review award and why?


Peer Review Week 2018

Publons' Peer Review Awards are announced each year during Peer Review Week. Peer Review Week 2018 runs from September 10 - 15, 2018, and is dedicated to all things peer review. It brings recognition to reviewers worldwide, and raises awareness of the key challenges they face, including:

  • the deluge of publications
  • a lack of transparency
  • outdated or inefficient technology
  • a scarce array of reviewer profiles.

The theme for this year's Peer Review Week is 'Diversity in Peer Review.' If you would like to get involved please send your contributions and ideas to peerreviewweek@outlook.com using the subject line 'Peer Review Week.'

Global State of Peer Review Report

What does the peer review landscape look like today? Is it getting better or worse? And who's actually doing all the peer review, anyway? We made it part of our Peer Review Week mission to find out.

Publons' Global State of peer review report combines:

  • 30+ years' worth of data from Clarivate Analytic's ScholarOne Manuscripts system
  • data-driven analysis from Publons' large-scale peer review platform
  • survey responses from ~12,000 researchers in the peer review community
  • statistics and insight to reveal the peer uncover the future direction of peer review.

This will inform one of the largest peer review reports of its time, dedicated to improving review for the better. We'll provide a link to the report an supporting documents on September 9, 2018. Have any general or media-related questions? Get in touch!


What does diversity in peer review mean to you?

We asked researchers working at the heart of peer review this very question. Find out what they said - and let us know if you think the same or differently at marketing@publons.com or via social media.


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Publons' Peer Review Awards are the only cross-publisher Awards that celebrate the efforts of peer reviewers worldwide. Here's a list of our partners supporting our 2018 series: