The Global Peer Review Awards are back for the fourth year running to celebrate your efforts safeguarding the quality and integrity of scholarly communication through peer review.

The 2019 Award categories are:

  • Top 1% of reviewers in each of the 22 Essential Science Indicators (ESI) research areas.
  • Top quality reviewers
  • Top handling editors

Read the methodology for each category here.

The Global Peer Review Awards are the only cross-publisher awards that celebrate the efforts of peer reviewers worldwide. To be eligible for the Awards simply update your Publons profile with your peer review and handling editor records over the past year.

Find out about past years' Awards here.


Peer Review Week 2019

The Global Peer Review Awards are announced each year during Peer Review Week. #PeerRevWk19 runs from 16 - 20 September, 2019, and is dedicated to all things peer review. It brings recognition to reviewers worldwide, and raises awareness of the key challenges they face, including:

  • the deluge of publications
  • a lack of transparency
  • outdated or inefficient technology
  • a scarce array of reviewer profiles

The theme for Peer Review Week 2019 is 'Quality in Peer Review.' If you would like to get involved please send your contributions and ideas to using the subject line 'Peer Review Week.'

Watch our exclusive Publons Academy On-Demand Webinar for Peer Review Week, covering content from the first four modules of the Publons Academy, the leading online training course for reviewers. By watching this webinar, you will receive a unique link to fast track the first four modules of the course.


What makes an Award-winning reviewer?

  •   If you're rushing you can end up writing an unhelpful review that misses some of the detail in the justification of the study or the complexity of the analysis.

    Sue Fletcher Watchon
    Top reviewer at the university of Edinburgh, Publons Peer Review Awards, 2017
    University of Edinburgh - Present
  •   Tips to get noticed by editors? Yes: publish, publish, publish!

    Ana-Maria Florea
    Publons Peer Review Awards winner, 2017
    Scientific Officer (REACH/CLP) - Department Chemicals and Product Safety, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) - 2017 to Present.
  •   A review is much more important than just saying whether the paper is acceptable or not - and it should be constructive, not critical.

    Maria Bostenaru Dan
    Publons Peer Review Award Winner, 2017
    Research scientist - Urban and landscape design, "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism - Present.
  •   You need to have a number of manuscripts rejected to appreciate the value (or luck therefore) of good reviewers' comments.

    Marius Rademaker
    Top Handling Editor, Publons Peer Review Awards, 2017/

Become a Master of Peer Review

Break into editors’ peer review pools this Peer Review Week. Join our free, online Publons Academy to learn the core competencies of peer reviewing and connect with top editors in your field.

  •   The Publons Academy modules have helped me develop my research and peer-reviewing skills, and has alerted me to issues I previously was not aware of. Even though I haven’t done much reviewing yet, I now feel confident in reviewing papers in my research field.

    Elisabeth Loose
    PhD researcher at School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow

Global State of Peer Review

What does the peer review landscape look like today? Is it getting better or worse? And who's actually doing all the peer review, anyway? We made it part of our Peer Review Week mission to find out.

Publons Global State of Peer Review combines:

  • 30+ years' worth of data from the Web of Science Group's ScholarOne Manuscripts system
  • data-driven analysis from Publons' large-scale peer review platform
  • survey responses from ~12,000 researchers in the peer review community
  • statistics and insight to uncover the future direction of peer review.

Interested in reading the full report? Click the link below.

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