Publons Peer Review Awards are back for 2017 to honor the heroes of peer review.

Why Sentinels? Because peer reviewers are the unsung guardians of science and research, keeping watch over the quality and integrity of scholarly communication. Thanks to their critical eye and devotion to sound research, we continue to expand the sphere of human knowledge.

Are you a sentinel of science? Find out when we announce and publish the names of all recipients at the end of Peer Review Week 2017. Make sure your Publons profile is up-to-date to be eligible for an award (find out how), and if you're not on Publons, well, there's no better time to sign up for a free account and get recognition for your reviews! 

Recognizing the heroes of peer review

Join us to go under the microscope


Andrew Preston -- Publons Co-founder and Managing Director -- will join a panel of thought leaders from across academic publishing to discuss transparency in peer review.  

  • Where: Following the Peer Review Congress, Swissotel, Chicago.
  • When: 5.30pm, 12 September 2017. 

Got a question you want the panel to address? Tweet them to @PeerRevWeek, hashtag #AskPRW

Register for free to attend the panel or be notified of the free recording.  Learn more here



The people at the heart of research share their stories, thoughts and opinions about peer review. Take a look:



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