At Publons, our goal is to turn peer review into an activity just as rewarding as publishing an article.

That's why our Peer Review Awards add an extra level of recognition for peer reviewers all over the world. We partner with publishing heavyweights to acknowledge and give back to the experts making outstanding contributions to reviewing the world's research.

Global Peer Review Awards, powered by Publons
Honoring the Sentinels of Science and Research


Historical Quarterly Rewards

Before we launched the Global Peer Review Awards, we ran a quarterly rewards programme, honouring the reviewers who earned the most merit for reviews completed over each three month period. The quarterly rewards also acknowledged those reviewers from the most prolific reviewing Universities and Scientific Disciplines (determined using SCOPUS's ASJC codes and reviews submitted to journals during the period).

Click on the links below to see the winners from past quarterly rewards rounds.

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March 2016

December 2015

September 2015

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December 2014

September 2014

Inaugural Rewards