Publons Academy On-Demand Webinar

Exclusively for Peer Review Week, this webinar covers content from the first four modules of the Publons Academy, the leading online training course for peer reviewers. This includes:

  • an overview of the peer review process in academic publishing

  • an understanding of what editors look for in reviewers

  • how to break into the world of peer review

  • the structure of a peer review report

  • managing bias and conflicts of interest.

By watching this webinar, you will receive a unique link to fast track the first four modules of the online course.


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The presenter

Julia Mouatt, Publons

Julia got her PhD in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Copenhagen before spending 2 years as a postdoc at Oregon State University. She is the head of the Publons Academy, a free, online, practical training course in peer review, on which the webinar is based. She helped develop the course and oversees the everyday running of the course, as well as giving seminars and workshops on peer review. She also reviews research grants for the British Ecological Society, and since starting publishing and reviewing, has taken an interest in open access research as well as gender equality issues within academia.


Watch the webinar:
Publons Academy On-Demand