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Thieme honouring reviewers with Publons

Thieme, the award-winning international medical and science publisher, has partnered with Publons to recognise the efforts of their reviewers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Thieme – a truly elite health-science publisher. Thieme understands the critical role of peer review in improving research and, ultimately advancing scientific understanding. Publons is proud to add Thieme to its growing list of reputable publishing partners.”

-- said Andrew Preston, CEO and co-founder of Publons.

It's now easier than ever before for Thieme reviewers to have their peer review contributions formally recognised. With two simple clicks, reviews for participating journals will be added to your Publons profile where you can showcase your reviewing expertise and influence.

Reviewers can also make use of the full range of Publons reviewer features, such as:

  • a downloadable verified review record
  • access to a suite of reviewer exclusive statistics comparing review behaviour to others around the world
  • feedback and ratings from editors to help you improve and highlight outstanding reviews

Publons never reveals sensitive information without the consent of reviewers and journals.

For more details on the partnership, see the Publons-Thieme partnership page:

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