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Partnering: Publons + Sense About Science

Peer Review Week 2015 has, for Publons, been overwhelmingly about community. Both in our efforts to celebrate and reward the peer reviewers using our platform, as well as in expanding the group of partnered institutions and publishers with which we collaborate to bring peer review and science into the future.

Today we announce a new partnership with charitable trust Sense About Science. Sense About Science are a charity that exists to facilitate a better understanding of science by the general public. A core part of their activities are run through the Voice Of Young Science network of 6,000 early-career researchers who are active in challenging unscientific beliefs in the media and public discourse.

To begin with, this partnership means two things. Firstly, Publons and Sense About Science will be sharing and collaborating on resources for peer reviewers and about peer review.

There is a dearth of information available to early-career researchers and Sense About Science have been among the first to try to remedy this. You can read their vital document "Peer Review: the Nuts and Bolts" here and see the beginning of Publons own peer review resource repository here.

With Sense About Science's communications network and our own largest-database-of-peer-review-data-in-the-world, we're confident that together we can produce some truly enlightening information on and around global peer review activity.

Secondly, we're excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Sense About Science's biannual peer review workshops. These half day workshops for early-career researchers explore the nature of the peer review system, how to be invited to peer review, and new developments in the field.

We're excited to bring what we've learnt over the last couple of years to this partnership, in order to improve peer review and the experience of the peer review community worldwide.

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