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Reviewer rewards recipients for October-December 2014

At Publons we run a quarterly reviewer rewards program as a fun way to give something back to the most prolific peer reviewers. Thanks to all of our generous sponsors (see below), each of the top three reviewers in a quarter receives a suite of rewards (mostly academic services) valued at over $3,000.

The top three reviewers for the October-December 2014 period were:

Congratulations, and thanks for all the support!

The rewards recipients each receive:

Thank you to all of our rewards sponsors!

Reviewer rewards January-March 2015

The current reviewer rewards period runs from 1 January to 31 March 2015. The three reviewers with the most Publons merit during this period will receive the rewards package (which will be announced closer to the end of the rewards period).

For the current leaderboard, and more details about the reviewer rewards program, see the reviewer rewards page.

Note: Dirk Lachenmeier had to decline the rewards package; it was awarded to the 4th best reviewer during the period, Shervin Assari.

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