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Reviewer Rewards December 2015

The first of January marked the close of Publons' rewards programme for 2015 and we're excited to announce the assistance of Manuscripts in rewarding our top contributors for the last quarter.

In addition to the usual certificates, profile badges and Publons gear, each recipient will receive a perpetual Manuscripts license.

Manuscripts is a writing tool for complex documents unlike any you have seen: it helps you outline, edit, proof-read and publish. Manuscripts is a re-imagined word processor designed by an Apple Design Award winning team, built for storytelling as opposed to formatting a document.

  • Live outline: navigate, re-order and focus on parts of your writing.
  • Cite and cross-reference directly.
  • Import and export Word, Markdown and LaTeX.

For October - December 2015, the top three reviewers (those who added the most merit to the site) were as follows:

Jonas Ranstam Neal M. Ashkanasy Shinichi Nakagawa

You can see the details of all rewards recipients here https://publons.com/about/rewards as well as see the current rankings for the January - March 2016 period.

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