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Publons Update 8 - January 24th 2014

Well, hello and welcome again! Time for some updates from the Publons world.

Publons news

It's been an exciting few weeks, and we have some great new features!

We've added oodles of reviews from publishers PeerJ and Biology direct, overhauled and improved our search functionality, and we're now a part of the Altmetric donut!

For more information about these exciting developments, check out our blog post New release! New search, new content, and a new stripe.

New Reviews

Cross-species protection: Schistosoma mansoni Sm-p80 vaccine confers protection against Schistosoma haematobium in hamsters and baboons

An excerpt from Michael Hsieh's review: "After reading the paper, one can easily concludes that the paper encourages readers to research in the field of hepatitis and its therapeutic strategies. Clarity of the paper is worthy of consideration."

Control of Spin Precession in a Spin-Injected Field Effect Transistor

An excerpt from Ben J Ruck's review: "Nevertheless the paper represents a breakthrough in demonstrating that complex spin manipulation can actually be achieved in real devices."

Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease and Potential Future Directions

An excerpt from Rafia Fatimah's review: "Alzheimer's disease is really a worth research problem. Anything successful in this field would give huge blockbusters and in this paper authors have given us a worth considering potential future directions."

New Papers and Discussions

Systemic Spread and Propagation of a Plant-Pathogenic Virus in European Honeybees, Apis mellifera

The findings from this study showcase the need for increased surveillance for potential host-jumping events as an integrated part of insect pollinator management programs.

A high-energy-density sugar biobattery based on a synthetic enzymatic pathway

Sugar-powered biobatteries could serve as next-generation green power sources, particularly for portable electronics.

A self-propelled biohybrid swimmer at low Reynolds number

To date, there is no demonstration of a self propelled, synthetic flagellar swimmer operating at low Reynolds number. Here we report a microscale, biohybrid swimmer enabled by a unique fabrication process and a supporting slender-body hydrodynamics model.

Happy guys finish last: The impact of emotion expressions on sexual attraction

Overall, this research provides the first evidence that distinct emotion expressions have divergent effects on sexual attractiveness, which vary by gender but largely hold across age.


Of course, there are plenty more new papers for you to review, follow and discuss, and if you can't find one you like, we've made sure it's easy to import papers. You can also check out the Activity Stream to see the latest reviews and discussions.

As always, please do keep in touch - we'd love to hear from you with comments, questions and thoughts.

And that's it for this week - have a great weekend!

Yours in science,

The Publons Team

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