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Publons Update 2 - Nov 22nd 2013

Well, hello and welcome again! Time for some of updates from Publons world.

Publons news

We were very pleased to see that you found the account/stream activity page particularly interesting - it should be up on our homepage soon!

Stay tuned

We've begged the Overlords to let us tell you about some very exciting new developments for the site (and Publons as a whole) coming soon, but they won't let us. So watch this space!

New Reviews

Balancing Learning and Overfitting in Genetic Programming with Interleaved Sampling of Training Data

An excerpt from Benjamin Fowler's review: The paper is highly readable, and provides a good overview of the importance of increasing generalization and reducing overfitting in Genetic Programming. The contribution is explained in sufficient detail, enough to allow replication.

Scholarship: Beyond the paper

An excerpt from Paul Bruere's review: This article is a speculative look at the future of scientific publishing, and as such is for provoking thought and discussion.

New Discussions

Importance Sampling Techniques for Path Tracing in Participating Media

Excerpt: The equiangular scheme for placing samples along a ray passing by a point source was also discovered…

A quantized-diffusion model for rendering translucent materials

Excerpt:* Excellent questions, G Zhou, thanks for asking them. Second question first-the dependence of v0 on μa arises for two reasons…*

The conversation from last week continues! Paper author Eugene d'Eon answers Guo Zhou's question (and the equation that briefly broke our wrapping abilities).

Description of Tersicoccus phoenicis gen. nov., sp. nov. isolated from spacecraft assembly clean room environments

Excerpt: …Includes sending bacteria to Mars!

New Papers

We've had numerous new papers added to the site this week. They include:

Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector

We report on results of an all-sky search for high-energy neutrino events interacting within the IceCube neutrino detector conducted between May 2010 and May 2012… These 28 events, which include the highest energy neutrinos ever observed, have flavors, directions, and energies inconsistent with those expected from the atmospheric muon and neutrino backgrounds. These properties are, however, consistent with generic predictions for an additional component of extraterrestrial origin.

Exciting stuff! It's taken years, but the IceCUBE lab has fulfilled its purpose - finding neutrinos. 28 of them, to be exact. The results are discussed in the paper above, released today.

What's to know about the credibility of empirical economics?

…We summarize and discuss the empirical evidence on the lack of a robust reproducibility culture in economics and business research, the prevalence of potential publication and other selective reporting biases, and other failures and biases in the market of scientific information. Overall, the credibility of the economics literature is likely to be modest or even low.

Receptive to replication

Like many other scientific journals, Nature Biotechnology places a strong emphasis on novelty when selecting research for publication. As a result, studies describing replications or confirmations of previously published reports are less likely to be chosen. And studies detailing null or negative findings may not meet stringent editorial requirements for significance and relevance to our broad readership. Why then are we publishing on p. 965 a replication of a report published elsewhere in the literature?

And that's it for this week - of course, there are plenty more new papers for you to review, follow and discuss, and if you can't find one you like, we've made sure it's easy to import papers! As always, please do keep in touch - we'd love to hear from you with comments, questions and thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in science,

The Publons Team

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