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Publons Update 11 - March 7th 2014

Well, hello and welcome again! Time for some updates from the Publons world.

Publons News

Fearless co-founder/leader Andrew is back from his travels! We hear he had scads of meetings across two continental land masses, and things went Very Well. We'd have more details from you but he's on a short vacation to recover - we'll have a full update for you in our next newsletter, so do keeps your eyes peeled for that one :)

Also, you may have noticed that our website is looking very new and shiny - it's all part of our mission to make reviewers look awesome. And we'd love to know what you think! What works? What doesn't? What would you like to see?

New Reviews

The theory of linear prediction

An excerpt from Tom Bäckström's review: 'The classic citation in literature for linear prediction is naturally "Linear Prediction: A Tutorial Review" Makhoul (1975), but this just could become the next classic.'

We've also had a number of pre-publication reviews added, not only from journal but also by Publons users. We thought we'd take this opportunity to highlight a couple of our users who've been going gangbusters on filling out their pre- and post-publication review profiles.

imageFirst up, we have Eugene d'Eon.

You may remember his name from reviews to which we've previously linked. Today, though, we thought we'd point you to his profile. He's currently the Publons user with the most points to his profile - a whopping 27! Eugene's been adding both pre- and post-pub peer reviews of various kinds to his profile, and joining in discussions. You can see his profile by clicking on his hyperlinked name, above.

We can't wait to see our other users catching up to him!

Horng Saw profile pictureNext up, we have Horng Saw.

Horng is a PhD candidate, and one of our newest users. Following a talk we gave recently to him and his colleagues, he immediately saw the potential Publons has for young scientists who are keen to raise their academic profile. Within hours of signing up and corresponding with us, he'd uploaded numerous pre-pub peer reviews he's done. You can go and see his profile by clicking on the link to his name, above.

It's really great to see new users taking to Publons like this!

New Papers

We've had numerous new papers added to the site over the last two weeks, and they're all eminently worth of review. They include:

Large mesopelagic fishes biomass and trophic efficiency in the open ocean

Our results indicate that the role of mesopelagic fishes in oceanic ecosystems and global ocean biogeochemical cycles needs to be revised as they may be respiring ~10% of the primary production in deep waters.

A cortical-spinal prosthesis for targeted limb movement in paralysed primate avatars

We demonstrate that both the decoded activities of premotor populations and their adaptive responses can be used, after brief training, to effectively direct an avatar's limb to distinct targets variably displayed on a screen.

Artificial Muscles from Fishing Line and Sewing Thread

We demonstrated that inexpensive high-strength polymer fibers used for fishing line and sewing thread can be easily transformed by twist insertion to provide fast, scalable, nonhysteretic, long-life tensile and torsional muscles.


And that's it for this week - of course, there's lots more activity from last two weeks, and you can see it all at publons.com/account/stream. As always, please do keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you with comments, questions and thoughts.

Yours in science,

The Publons Team

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