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Publons Update 1 - Nov 15th 2013

Well, hello and welcome to our first newsletter! Every week we're going to be updating you with any Publons news, and also pointing out some of the recent exciting activity on Publons.

Publons news

This week, we're proud to announce that it's just become a whole lot easier to browse new content on the website.

New papers

If you go to Browse>Publons, you'll now see that papers which have been imported to the site are listed newest first. Yay!

New reviews and discussions

Visit publons.com/account/stream to see all the latest activity around papers - this feature will also soon be available on the home page when you log in.

New Reviews

The continuous Procrustes distance between two surfaces

An excerpt from Gene Bunin's review: As such, the problem itself is certainly significant… While I cannot say that the paper presents a weak contribution, the message as delivered by the authors is nevertheless lacking in clarity, and at times even feels misleading.

Coupling of a high-energy excitation to superconducting quasiparticles in a cuprate from Coherent Charge Fluctuation Spectroscopy

An excerpt from Ben Mallet's review: The experimental technique presented in this paper is new to the field and the theoretical description of it appears elegant and powerful. To have collected the purportedly-reproducible, high signal-to-noise data presented here in exceptional time resolution, the experiments have clearly been exceptionally well executed.

And this review was endorsed as well! Only one more endorsement needed before it gets its own DOI…

Neural Mechanism for Sensing Fast Motion in Dim Light

An excerpt from Usman Paracha's review: Significance of this paper can be established by considering that it is the first time that neural mechanism has been reported in sensing fast moving objects in dim light. In my opinion, this paper would be of interest to those researchers, who are working on biomimetics as this paper has potential to help in the field of artificial vision. Moreover, it can also help in getting answers about the visual abilities of the animals moving in low visibility environment.

New Discussions

A quantized-diffusion model for rendering translucent materials

Excerpt: We present a new BSSRDF for rendering images of translucent materials.

This comment thread was fantastic, especially when one of the equations was so long we had to reconfigure some of our wrapping code :P

Human-specific endogenous retroviral insert serves as an enhancer for the schizophrenia-linked gene PRODH

Excerpt: An explanation of the research's findings is available in Carl Zimmer's 'How Our Minds Went Viral'…

New Papers

We've had numerous new papers added to the site this week. They include:

Geo-located Twitter as the proxy for global mobility patterns

In the advent of a pervasive presence of location sharing services researchers gained an unprecedented access to the direct records of human activity in space and time. This paper analyses geo-located Twitter messages in order to uncover global patterns of human mobility. Based on a dataset of almost a billion tweets recorded in 2012 we estimate volumes of international travelers in respect to their country of residence.

Exponential Decline of Deep-Sea Ecosystem Functioning Linked to Benthic Biodiversity Loss

Recent investigations suggest that biodiversity loss might impair the functioning and sustainability of ecosystems. Although deep-sea ecosystems are the most extensive on Earth, represent the largest reservoir of biomass, and host a large proportion of undiscovered biodiversity, the data needed to evaluate the consequences of biodiversity loss on the ocean floor are completely lacking.

And that's it for this week - of course, there's lots more activity from this week and, as mentioned above, you can see it all at publons.com/account/stream. As always, please do keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you with comments, questions and thoughts.

Yours in science,

The Publons Team

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