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Publons rewards July - September 2015

In a beautiful instance of synchronicity, the conclusion of our 3rd rewards period for the year occurs simultaneously with the conclusion of Peer Review Week 15. This is a perfect time to recognise the efforts of our most prolific users and their peer review contributions over the last 3 months.

As well as the three reviewers who added the most merit to the site during the period we have also assigned rewards to the top reviewer from the top 10 universities and the top three reviewers from each of the top 5 scientific disciplines*.

Each winner will receive a physical certification of their achievement as well as a badge on their profile indicating their reward.

The overall top reviewers for July - September 2015, measured by the quantity of merit added to the site during that period, are:

George N. Rouskas Gaetano Santulli Neils O. Schiller

You can, as always, read the full details of our 3rd quarter rewards winners here: https://publons.com/about/rewards as well as see the rankings for the current (ongoing) rewards period.

: "Top" in the case of universities and disciplines has been determined on the basis of the quantity of reviews performed during the period in question.

*: These scientific disciplines are inferred from journals reviewed for, which are in turn taken from SCOPUS's ASJC dataset. The rankings were derived from the number of reviews performed for these journals during the quarter.

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