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Publons partners with PeerJ - reviewers get more credit

At Publons we strive to give peer reviewers credit for all their peer review work, including the peer review they do for journals. To that end, we're very excited to announce an official partnership with the innovative open-access publisher PeerJ.

All reviews submitted to PeerJ can now be added to the reviewer's profile on Publons, giving PeerJ reviewers greater recognition for their efforts, and highlighting the quality of PeerJ's review process and reviewers. By way of our existing partnership with Altmetric, PeerJ articles also now receive a boost to their altmetric score.

Here's an example of a profile of a PeerJ reviewer with a Publons profile (thanks Iain!):


We're really excited about this as our users now have the ability to add verified PeerJ reviews to their (cross-publisher) review record on Publons, helping to build their reputation as great peer reviewers and expert researchers.

This is the first of many publishers we aim to partner with as we develop Publons into the home of peer review on the web, so stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming months. You can help by building your profile to demonstrate that reviewers like getting credit for their work!

For more info and to register your interest in becoming a reviewer for PeerJ, please visit PeerJ.com.

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