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Publons partners with ORCID to give more credit for peer review

Building on the momentum of Peer Review Week 2015, we are excited to announce a partnership with ORCID to extend the credit you get from your Publons verified reviews.

Our goal at Publons is to speed up science by giving peer reviewers credit for their critical role in scientific publishing. We do that by working with reviewers, editors, and publishers to verify peer review contributions, and by providing tools for researchers to use their verified peer review record to increase their standing in the academic community. To date, we’ve verified more than 180,000 reviews and tens of thousands of reviewers are using our tools to leverage their peer reviewing record.

This partnership introduces another tool for that purpose. Get your review activity verified on Publons and you can easily export your reviewer activities to your ORCID iD -- just as you can to your CV, your university researcher page, or your LinkedIn (coming soon!). Once the integration is live, a one-time setup will mean your Publons-verified review records are automatically displayed proudly alongside your other research activities on your ORCID record.

Every review is associated with a unique resolvable identifier that links back to a record on Publons. This allows the community to confirm the review has been verified and, if it’s an open review, allow them to read it too.

To prepare for this new feature, get started with these simple steps:

  1. Sign up to Publons and ORCID (if you haven’t already)
  2. Link your ORCID iD to your Publons account
  3. Add and verify any reviews that aren’t yet on your Publons profile.

We will let you know when the integration is live and give you the option to automatically transfer your review records (with the manuscript info and review content hidden) to your ORCID record.

ORCID is doing great work in disambiguating researcher names and we are delighted to call them partners in our efforts to increase reviewer recognition and improve peer review.

Laurel Haak, Executive Director of ORCID, added:

Peer review is foundational for scholarship, whether it is accomplished in a live forum or a double-blind online setting, for a neuroscience paper or a historical biography. In many cases, the reviewer improves the work, and insodoing makes a significant contribution to the finished product. It follows that the community should explore ways to acknowledge this contribution. We are pleased to be working with Publons in our Peer Review Early Adopter program on just this challenge.

Keep an eye on our blog for more features that help you use your peer review activity to advance your career.

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