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Publons partners with GigaScience

At Publons we give credit for pre-publication peer review in two ways: by allowing reviewers to add records of their peer review activity, and by partnering with journals to automate that process. The goal is not to create more work for already busy researchers, but rather to reward for work already done.

So we're delighted to announce an official partnership with the open-access, open-data, and open-review journal GigaScience. GigaScience reviews now appear on Publons as verified pre-publication reviews, giving GigaScience reviewers greater recognition for their contributions, and further showcasing the robustness of GigaScience's review process.

For Publons users that have reviewed for GigaScience, this partnership makes setting up your cross-publisher reviewer record even easier. You'll find your GigaScience reviews have been curated and automatically added to your reviewer profile, just as is the case for other journals we support. As always, you can edit the level of information that is displayed about each review at any time.

For more info, see the announcement on the BioMed Central blog.

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