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Publons partners with American Society for Microbiology

More exciting news: today we're announcing a partnership with the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) to help ASM reviewers get recognition for their peer review. The partnership went live today, and aims to improve the peer review process of the 12 participating ASM journals.

See the ASM info page on Publons, and the joint press release on the ASM website.

How it works for ASM reviewers

After performing a review for ASM, simply forward the review receipt ('thank you for reviewing' email) to reviews@publons.com. Review receipts for participating ASM journals have been configured specifically to allow for expedited processing.

Note: as always, you can send review receipts for non-integrated journals too (they just won't be processed as quickly).

Participating ASM journals

Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Clinical Microbiology Reviews
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology
Eukaryotic Cell
Infection and Immunity
Journal of Bacteriology
Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Journal of Virology
Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
Molecular and Cellular Biology

More news coming soon, but in the meantime do get in touch with the editorial board of the journals you want to see directly integrated with Publons. Peer reviewers getting credit for their work is good for everyone!

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