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Publons' Blog: Republishing Policy

Publons' blog is licensed as CC BY-NC-ND. Here's how you can reuse the content...

Our mission at Publons is to speed up research by harnessing the power of expert peer review.

This blog is tied into that mission: you’ll see stories about Publons, our network of expert reviewers, and top tips to improve the peer review system - individually and as a whole.
improving peer review We believe in a free flow of information so please go ahead and republish, cite, and quote any content appearing on our blog. The blog is licensed as CC BY-NC-ND, which means you just have to credit us and link to us, and you can’t edit our material or sell it separately.

Here’s what we mean by that:

Credit: Please credit ‘Publons’ if you republish, cite or quote an article and include a link to the article’s page URL. If you’re republishing an article written by or mentioning one of our experts on the network, please also link to the URL of their Publons profile.

Editing: You can’t edit our material, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style. It’s fine if you’d like to add an introduction or conclusion to a blog post for your readers, but if you need to materially edit our content please contact us.

Commercial: You can run ads alongside the blog articles you republish but don't resell our content.

Media: Check whether you're licensed to republish media from articles on our blog.

Violating our Policy: If we ask you to remove the content from your site, you must agree to do so immediately.

And finally - thanks for sharing our posts! Let us know when your story is live so we can help you share it.