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Master Peer Review with the Publons Academy

Aaannnnddd it’s here. The Publons Academy has officially launched and is open for enrolments.

Publons Academy

The Publons Academy is a free, online peer review training course for early career researchers. Developed together with world renowned researchers, peer reviewers, journal editors and Nobel Laureates, it will help you practice and master the core competencies of peer review, and connect you with editors at elite journals.

What to expect

Here’s what you’ll benefit from by enrolling in the Publons Academy:

  • Ten modules teaching the core competencies and skills of peer review
  • Practice writing real post-publication reviews under the guidance of your current supervisor
  • An endorsement from your supervisor as a subject-matter expert ready for pre-publication reviews
  • The beginnings of a robust reviewer profile on Publons
  • Introduced to editors at elite journals to prove your expertise as a master reviewer
  • A better understanding of how to publish and present your own research.

Our course is unique in that we put a strong focus on supervision and connection. Your chosen supervisor will mentor you through the course and endorse you as a skilled and practiced reviewer upon graduation. You’ll then be connected with top editors in your field to break into the world of peer review and demonstrate your subject-matter expertise.

The end result? You’ll not only learn how to become an expert peer reviewer, you’ll be one. You’ll also become a better published author, too.

Within the ten modules you’ll learn how to evaluate the importance of research questions, appropriateness of study designs, and accuracy of methodologies - all of which is key to publishing your own work. You’ll also learn how to forge those much-needed connections with editors and experts in your field of study, and use your peer review contributions for fellowship, promotion and grant applications.

Beyond that, you’ll learn top tips from expert reviewers and journal editors who have unique insight and experience in assessing the quality of peer reviews. These include Nobel laureate and editor-in-chief of eLife, Randy Schekman, and the winner of our 2016 Sentinels of Science award, Jonas Ranstam.

How it works

Ready to enrol? Here are the steps involved:

1. Go to the Publons Academy homepage and sign up for the course.

Academy home page

2. Invite your supervisor to mentor you through the course. Invite supervisor

3. Begin the course in your own time. Each module consists of short video and some practical exercises. Academy course

4. In the latter modules, you will write practice reviews of published papers which will be provided to your supervisor for assessment and feedback.

5. Your supervisor is invited to provide feedback on your reviews before formally endorsing you as a practiced and qualified reviewer upon completion of the course.

6. You will receive a graduation badge on your Publons profile and we will make you known to editors from journals in your field that are partnered with Publons, who can consider you for real pre-publication peer review assignments.

You can also read our detailed FAQs about the course and how it works. If you can’t find an answer to any of your questions, you can email Publons Academy support: academy@publons.com

The Publons Academy has taken months of hard work and we’re more than a little bit excited about it. Enrol now to become a master of peer review.

Team Publons

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