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How do you compare to reviewers in your field?


We're excited to announce the addition of research fields to Publons. These fields will enable you to see how your reviewing output compares to the rest of your specific field rather than the entirety of Publons.

These assigned research fields allow us to provide more relevant statistics on reviewer profiles. Where we had previously compared a Biologist to all peer reviewers on Publons, we can now compare them to Biologists alone. This is great because there are not insignificant differences between fields in all the comparisons we were already making.

Field specific statistic comparisons can be toggled on or off by clicking the check box below the name of the field on the stats tab of your profile.

The research fields are derived from the ASJC (All Science Journal Classification) codes created and maintained by SCOPUS. The appeal of these ASJC codes is that they are standardised and pre-compiled, extensive (though not exhaustive) and already used by the scientific community.

Codes are assigned to journals rather than researchers, so we've inferred the most likely candidate fields based on the number of reviews performed for each journal. You can see which fields are assigned to a journal by viewing its detail page on Publons (listed here).


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