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Product Update: edit profile page

If you've tried to edit your profile on Publons in the last day or so you've probably noticed an improved edit profile page.

The new structure makes it quicker and easier to add/update your biographical information, ORCID/LinkedIn/Mendeley authentications, university affiliations, verified email addresses, review privacy defaults, and editorial contributions. We have also introduced some new settings to give you greater control over your Publons' profile.

Firstly, under the 'Reviews' tab, you can select your own default review permissions for any review you add to the site. While previously we had extended default permissions of 'Show journal reviewed for, do not publish review content' across the site, you can now specify whatever your preference; anywhere from completely blind and unpublished or completely open. You can as always, change the privacy of a particular review once it has been added to your profile.

Secondly we've given you the option to hide reviewer statistics on your profile. If you don't want others to be able to see your acceptance rate or average review length you can find the option to hide these things in the 'Profile' tab.

Finally, the change we're most excited about is you can now specify your research field(s). These will be displayed on your profile and open the door for some very exciting functionality in the future, including field-specific reviewer statistics and content recommendations.

So why wait!? Please add your research fields to your profile right now at https://publons.com/account/edit.

Do let us know if you have any feedback on the new edit profile page.

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