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New Expert Reviewers At Your Fingertips

The Publons Academy has officially launched to expand the pool of expert peer reviewers and connect them with the editors and funders who need them.

Publons Academy

Editors told us that finding, recruiting and motivating qualified experts to peer review are the hardest parts of their job.

At the same time there is an abundance of early-career researchers keen to peer review, but simply haven’t been asked or don’t know how to connect with editors and prove their expertise.

Read our Editors' Guide to Finding Reliable Peer Reviewers.

We developed the Publons Academy to address these issues head on. Our free, online training course teaches early-career researchers the core skills in peer review. It provides them with a platform to demonstrate their reviewing expertise and connects them with the editors who need to grow their reviewer pools.

The Training

Developed together with world renowned researchers, peer reviewers, journal editors and Nobel Prize winners, the Publons Academy aims to help give editors the assurance they need to check if a prospective reviewer is competent enough to critically evaluate others’ work.

Here’s what’s involved for those who take the course:

  • Ten modules covering the core competencies and skills of peer review
  • Practice writing real post-publication reviews under the guidance of their supervisor
  • An endorsement by their supervisor as a subject-matter expert ready for pre-publication reviews
  • Build a well-rounded reviewer profile on Publons where editors can read their practice reviews
  • Graduates appear on the Journal Dashboard for journals in their field, allowing editors to access a growing pool of eager new expert reviewers.*

*Only available to Journals officially partnered with Publons

The Connection

If you’re a journal editor (or anyone who needs to find a reviewer), the Publons Academy builds on our existing reviewer finder tools to help you find, screen, recruit and motivate the experts you need to scrutinise content.

We put a strong focus on supervision and connection. Supervisors mentor students through the course and endorse them as a skilled and practiced reviewer upon graduation. This provides weighting to a reviewer’s profile and assurance to the editor who wants to be confident in a reviewer’s ability before inviting them to review.

Additionally, editors can read graduates’ practice reviews and assess their Publons profile to determine if a prospective reviewer’s skills match their needs. The Publons platform also helps combat reviewer fraud by providing a mechanism to contact reviewers through our platform using their verified and preferred contact email address.

Help mentor students

You can help us mentor students through the course and nurture the next generation of expert reviewers too. Simply get in touch and we’ll add you to our list of supervisors. Take on as many students as you like, read their practice reviews and endorse students you consider ready to review real pre-publication articles. We’ll provide you with verified evidence of these highly valuable teaching contributions.

The Publons Academy has taken months of hard work and we’re more than a little bit excited about it.

If you want to learn more about the course, or how you can work with Publons to access this emerging pool of expert reviewers, then get in touch.

Team Publons

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