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Media Sphera to recognise reviewers

Media Sphera, the leading Russian publisher of peer-reviewed medical journals, has partnered with Publons to help reviewers track, verify and showcase their peer review efforts. In a true show of innovation, Media Sphera has also developed an open-source plugin so other journals, using the Open Journal System (OJS) editorial management system, can easily integrate with Publons to give reviewers the credit they deserve.

“Publons is striving to improve the peer review process, and one of the best ways to do that is by publicly recognising the expertise and efforts of reviewers. Media Sphera have committed to helping not only their reviewers showcase their efforts, but have also developed free software that lets other journals do the same. It’s inspiring to see an organisation like Media Sphera so keen on improving how we evaluate and communicate the world’s research.”

-- Andrew Preston, CEO and co-founder of Publons.

How does it work?

When reviewing for one of Media Sphera’s 25 participating journals, reviewers will be offered the chance to add a verified record of that review to their Publons profile by simply clicking a button.

No sensitive information about the review or manuscript is ever displayed on Publons without the consent of the journal and reviewer

Publons users can showcase their verified review history for all of the world’s journals, access metrics to track their reviewing behaviour and performance, and make use of tools to add their verified review record to their résumé or use it as evidence for international visa applications.

Sign up now to start building your verified peer review record.

What about the plugin?

The plugin enables journals using OJS to include an option on the review submission form for reviewers to automatically add a verified record of their review to their Publons profile. If the reviewer opts, a record of the review is securely transmitted to Publons upon submission of their review to the journal.

The plugin is open source (free to download, install and build upon).

To enquire about the OJS plugin, email: penny@publons.com

For more details on the partnership, see the Publons-Media Sphera partnership page:

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