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Is peer review broken? Help fix it!

A group calling themselves the Peer Review Working Group have written a survey designed to rate various peer review criteria in order to establish guidelines for reviewers, and a means to assess the quality of reviews.

Please help us improve peer review by providing better resources for reviewers and take this short survey.

The Peer Review Working Group's words below:

Nobody loves surveys, but this one is short and might even help you and your science.

Peer review is a principle foundation of reliable science. The aim of this survey is to guide quality and useful peer review into the future. We are asking you as authors, reviewers, and editors to help inform the characteristics of quality peer reviews.

Please complete the survey: https://iastate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_7WCEi44aC8H4CDX

This survey should take around 15 minutes and will provide critical feedback from representatives of the scientific community. We provide a running summary of results at the end of the survey and will publish the results at http://peer-review.github.io/ Please submit any comments or questions at this site, or e-mail peersurvey@iastate.edu

Thanks for considering completing this survey!

The Peer Review Team

Hannah Carroll
John Downing
Davide Faggionato
Chris Filstrup
Adina Howe
Mindy Morales
Clay Williams
Fan Yang

Thanks for taking the time to help improve peer review. Signing up to Publons can also help.

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