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Honoring the Top Peer Reviewers for 2017

Sentinels of Science Awards

Major News: The top peer reviewers for 2017 have been announced!

Check out the Publons Peer Review Award tables now to see the highest achievers in peer review across the world's journals. 

We're incredibly thrilled and privileged to honor the experts who work tirelessly to protect and enhance research through peer review. It's thanks to your dedication, effort and persistence in maintaining sound research that we continue to expand the sphere of human knowledge.

You are the Sentinels of Science and Research!

Sentinel /sentin(ə)l/  Noun: A soldier or guard whose job it is to stand and keep watch.

See the winners:

You can go directly to the main Publons Peer Review Awards page here, or click any of the award categories below:

Sentinel Award:

Up next on September 19: The Sentinel Award - for outstanding advocacy, innovation or contribution to scholarly peer review!

Our panel of judges from across the scholarly publishing industry put together an exciting shortlist of individual reviewers, career peer review advocates and experts, and will soon determine the ultimate recipient.

Stay tuned when we reveal the winner on Tuesday 19 September, and until then, check out our 'Talking Peer Review' Q&A series on our blog to get to know a bit more about each finalist. So far in our series we have: Irene Hames, F1000, and Michèle Nuijten of statcheck. Up next: Retraction Watch!

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