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We honour all #SentinelsofScience. New features recognize the expert efforts of editors.

In the lead up to Peer Review Week 2016, we're proud to announce our exclusive new editor recognition features - paying homage to the experts adding to the body of human knowledge through editorial work.

Academic editors truly are #SentinelsofScience. They decide which breakthrough discoveries are communicated to the world and make sure bogus science, that can harm society, doesn't slip through.

At Publons, we're constantly looking for ways to recognise the Sentinels of Science, so we asked over 400 expert editors what we could do to make their lives better.

Based off their feedback, we've developed an exclusive package of features and tools that will make editors lives better. If you're an editor, prepare to have your mind blown.

If you are an editor, you can now:

  • Keep a verified record of every manuscript you handle, showing the extent of your editorial contributions to the body of human knowledge
  • Secure that next promotion with proof of your editorial and review history
  • Track the impact of the papers you handled as an editor
  • Use tools to incentivise reviewers to accept review requests and provide feedback to improve reviewer performance and speed up science.
How does it work?

To get recognition on your profile, just paste the title of a manuscript you were an editor for into the form on your dashboard.

Editorial records

The journal and a count of the manuscripts you have been an editor for are shown on your profile (we do not publicly reveal the manuscript):

Editorial records

From your private dashboard you can keep track of all the activity around the manuscripts you handle, give recognition to reward your reviewers, and provide reviewer feedback to improve performance.

What the experts are saying

“The editorial records functionality is truly amazing!

I found it quite useful to keep a record of the work I've done in the past as an editor and also to show to potential employers the kind of work I've been involved in and my experience in handling manuscripts of different areas.”

Diogo B. Provete Post-doc - Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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