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Celebrating 500,000 reviewers on Publons

That’s half a million researchers who are finally getting recognition for over 3 MILLION reviews they’ve added!

The rapidly growing Publons community is showing a commitment to quality and efficiency in peer review for the good of science and research.

With your help, we're addressing critical issues facing research.

In order to do that, as well as provide a seamless service to researchers on Publons, we partner with publishers and institutions to help them train and recognize their reviewers and better manage their peer review process.

As of October 2018 we’ve now partnered with 70 publishers, who together have integrated 2,557 journals into Publons in order to better recognise and understand their reviewers.

In the last 6 months we’ve announced partnerships with:

11 publishers worldwide...

... and 11 journals, including 8 Chinese and 2 Brazilian journals

These new partnerships mean less administrative burden for reviewers, greater recognition, and more experts committed to improving peer review. Find out how it works:

Thanks for being part of our journey so far and here's to a great end of the year.

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