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Announcing our very first Competition at Publons!

Abstract : *Write reviews! win T-shirt! Enter Now!*

Hi Publons users!

We're very proud to unveil to you our new feature: Research Space! This chart displays all of the papers reviewed at Publons, separated by their peer-review-assigned quality and significance scores.


As you can see, so far most reviews have been written on papers which are in the upper right quadrant of R-space, and have very similar quality and significance scores. But we don't want to see just the best papers on Publons - we want to see all of them! So to help us fill out the empty spaces we're running a little competition:


Can you think of some papers you've read that have had significance far in excess of their quality? Or a paper that might not have had a huge impact, but was an absolute pleasure to read? Or even a paper that was just plain old bad? Write a review on Publons this month, and you could WIN!

Every paper written between now and August 31 is eligible to win. At the end of the judging period, The five reviews that have earned the most Endorsements will be declared the winners. The winners will each receive a handsome Publons T-shirt, AND have their winning reviews featured on Publons - both on the front page, and in R-space.

Endorsements are a new feature on Publons, they're our second major step towards developing immediate metrics for papers*. Endorsing a review helps to credit the reviewers for valuable reviews they write. At the same time, it helps you and your colleagues to discover interesting research and to make professional connections. The identity of each endorser for a paper will be publicly displayed, so make sure you really mean it when you give a review your endorsement!

So what are you waiting for? Write reviews, boost your academic reputation, and now for the first time: Win Prizes for it too! Enter Now!


*Our first major step is the introduction of canonical review scores for quality and significance, as you can see displayed in R-space.

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