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Announcing DOI support for reviews

A core part of our mission here at Publons is to make peer review and peer reviewers first class citizens in science. Give peer reviewers recognition and credit for their indispensable contributions to science, and they have a greater incentive to contribute high-quality, timely reviews - ultimately leading to faster and better communication of science.

To that end, we're excited to announce that high-quality reviews on Publons will now receive their own DOIs, making them permanently citable and indexable additions to a scientist's resume. We see this as the first step towards giving post-publication peer reviews the respect they deserve.

Over the last week you may have noticed the orange DOI badges appear on our most highly-endorsed reviews. You can think of this as peer review of peer reviews - only reviews with two or more endorsements are eligible to receive a DOI. This ensures that those reviewers who earn a DOI badge for a review can wear that badge with pride!


In the coming weeks we'll roll out DOI support for discussions, so that these too can become citable objects to put on your resume. In the meantime, import a paper you've read and get writing your own high-quality review!

As always, feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcomed, either in the comments section below, or by twitter, facebook, or email.

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