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Announcing 3,000 reviews on Publons

This week at Publons we celebrated our 3,000th review on the site. This is a really exciting milestone for us and another step towards our goal of becoming the biggest platform in the world for peer review information. Conveniently this achievement fell in the same week as our first birthday, so we had a joint celebration in the office. Like all good parties there was cake (made by our friend Saskia) and some of our users came in to mark the occasion with us.


Reaching 3,000 reviews means more reviews for you to browse, endorse, discuss and learn from. Increasing our reviews also makes more reviewers look good - making sure reviewers are receiving the recognition they deserve is critical part of our long-term goal. It took us just under 11 months to reach 3,000 and we are working hard to have another 1,000 reviews on the site within the next two weeks.

At the moment our reviews come from a number of different sources, but our preferred source is our users. If you have already completed article reviews it takes less than 1 minute to add them to your profile - you never know, your review could be the 4,000th!

Guide to adding an article review in under 60 seconds:


  • Log in to Publons

  • Click 'Profile' in the top right corner

  • Click 'Add Pre-Publication Review'

  • Enter the following information: Title of the journal you reviewed for, the title of the article you reviewed, and the date you did the review.

There is space for you to add the content of your review - this is optional. You are also able to choose if you want to remain anonymous, which means your name will not be associated with the article. You can change this option at any time by editing your review.

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