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And the winners are...

Hi all you keen peer reviewers!

The results of our competition are in, and we're ready now to announce and celebrate the winners.

In first place, with five endorsements is Walter Somerville. Walter reviewed a seminal paper in the field of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, which was instrumental in showing that single molecules could be detected using this method. He points out many inaccuracies in this paper which may confuse newer readers in this field and informs them on the more current state of SERS research. Nice one Walter!

Coming in second is Natalie Plank. She gives the paper she reviewed a top notch 10/10 score for its quality, reporting on an excellent set of experiments on various single ZnO nanowire field effect transistors, and drawing attention to the important influence of annealing processes to these devices. Great review!

In third equal are Annette Koo, and Louis Piper.

Annette's review is on a paper suggesting a way that measurements might be made more comparable across many different laboratories to improve the consistency of scientific reporting. It seems that though the paper describes the early stage of such a system, it has much to recommend it!

Louis reviews a paper presenting a theoretical study in a field dominated by experimental results - redox chemical batteries. The theoretical approach the authors take appears to have some useful predictive power to help guide experiments towards less popular chemicals which nonetheless have useful properties.

Congratulations to all of our winners! You're gonna look great wearing Publons threads!

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