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American Psychological Association Partners with Publons to Give Greater Recognition to Their Reviewers

Publons is excited to announce a new partnership with the American Psychological Association, providing automatic peer review recognition for 30 of their core journals.

American Psychological Association (APA), the largest scientific organization representing psychology in the United States, will pilot our Reviewer Recognition Service. This service integrates with all peer review submission systems in full compliance with journal review policies, and provide instant recognition for your peer review contributions.

During the pilot, experts who peer review for APA’s participating journals can instantly add records of their reviews to Publons with the click of a button. This added recognition lets APA reviewers effortlessly maintain a verified record of their peer review contributions for promotion and funding applications. The pilot also provides APA with access to exclusive tools and insights designed to help them better understand and serve their peer review community.

The pilot builds on promising organic demand for the service, with over 1,800 APA reviewers having already manually added more than 6,000 review records to Publons.

Rose Sokol-Chang, Journal Publisher at APA said: “The American Psychological Association is enthusiastic about working with Publons to recognize the hard work of our reviewers. Publons offers the right balance between recognition and confidentiality, and we’re excited that journal reviewers will have the ability to display their contributions to psychological science.

Laura Harvey, Head of Publisher Relations at Publons added: “Publons mission is to speed up research by utilizing the power of great peer review, a goal shared by the American Psychological Association. Through our new partnership, we are pleased to help the American Psychological Association utilize our novel partner tools and cross-publisher insights to better understand and manage their peer review processes, whilst giving their reviewers recognition for all of their hard work.”

Academics interested in reviewing for participating APA journals will be able to connect with an editorial member through the click of a button on the journal's profile page.

For more details on the partnership and to see a list of participating journals, visit: https://publons.com/in/apa/.

You can read our press release on the partnership here.

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