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American Journal of Neuroradiology integrates with Publons to give credit for peer review

This year has seen a wave of journals leading the movement to give greater recognition for peer review -- we now have over 100 journals that are rewarding their reviewers on Publons. Today, we’re excited to announce another journal partner: the American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR) from the American Society of Neuroradiology.

In the words of AJNR Editor in Chief Dr. Jeffrey S. Ross,

The reviewers of the AJNR are an amazing group of individuals who selflessly give of their precious time, knowledge and experience to validate and improve each manuscript. Daily, I have had the privilege of seeing the wisdom of reviewers comments integrated into manuscript revisions to ultimately improve the science that we publish. While we cannot reward reviewers adequately for their efforts, we would like to make it easier for reviewers to track and catalog their reviewing history across all the journals to which they contribute. Towards that end, the AJNR has partnered with Publons as a method of getting credit for, and keeping track of your reviews.

The objective of the partnership is to improve the AJNR peer review process by providing reviewers greater recognition for their work. Early results from other publisher partnerships have shown giving credit for peer review leads to more motivated peer reviewers and better peer review -- we can’t wait to see the same results for AJNR.

AJNR reviewers who opt-in to Publons will be able to make use of Publons’ features for peer reviewers, including tools to export their verified review activity to their resume, stats and graphs to show their reviewing characteristics compare to others in their field, and the ability to link their Publons review record to their ORCID.

For more info and details on how the partnership works, see the AJNR-Publons landing page.

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